Not beyond, but within

In able to guide you to achieve your optimal and sustainable health and well-being, I offer several services to meet your needs.

The in-depth conversation will cover:

  • Identify your current states 

  • Gain clarity and prioritise which life aspects to take effective action towards sustainable positive change

  • Evidence-based Interventions & Tools


Since pandemic, most people adapt to virtual meeting, which opens another door to reach people from anywhere. Therefore, feel free to choose the format that suits you the best - in-person (only possible in Düsseldorf), online, or hybrid.


Other than individual consultation, I offer my services to organisations too, as well as workshops & events.

Please read below for more information. 

1-to-1 Individual Consultation

45 minutes / per individual per session

For Organisations

Such as, companies, universities or schools, across different formats of workshops, events, or lectures, or beyond what I suggested here. Feel free to get in touch, share your thoughts, and I will send you the quotations. 

Couple Consultation

80 minutes / per couple per session

Consultation + Interventions

For sustainable positive change, this is especially to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important to guide you through step-by-step​ for at least 4 weeks. 

  • Personalised evidence-based interventions: 4-week, 6-week and 8-week. 

  • Follow-up in observing progress 

Small Group Consultation

3-5 individuals per session 

Workshops / Events 

Several workshops or events will be organised, with specific themes or topics. 

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Get in touch to learn more and get quotations.

Don't forget to book your first 30-minute consultation with me, without any fees,

to spread the kindness and create potential impacts! 

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