“Knowing thyself, that is the greatest wisdom”

Galileo Galilei

Thinking of making a change?

Do you feel lost? 

Do you feel stuck in your career?

Are you unhappy living an unhealthy lifestyle?  

Are you not feeling 100% well, but can’t find out what's wrong?


You are not alone. 

According to World Happiness Report, stress and negative feelings like anxiety and sadness are rising around the world. Eight out of nine people resist change because they don't know how or too busy working. These create great negative impacts on individuals, relationships, and organisations.  


Many of us don't know what went wrong. Even when we know, and have the intention to change, we might not know how to take effective and sustainable actions.

As a Positive and Health Psychologist, I help people: 

  • To discover their real selves, including strengths, values, and life directions

  • To overcome self-doubt and insecurity 

  • To find an approach that works for you

  • To reach a balanced healthy lifestyle

  • To move forward from negative feelings and experiences 

  • To feel inner peace, joy, and happiness, again


After more than a decade working in academia and scientific research across industries and countries, I developed a concept consisting of the essential elements of Positive Psychology and Health Psychology, with the philosophy of “when East meets West”—to understand the self and resolve puzzles that surface or hidden in real-life situations. 

I've worked with individuals and organisations facing a wide range of challenges. In most cases, they didn't know what exactly went wrong, but they noticed their health taking a toll, experienced burnout, or simply not able to perform at work. Worst of all, they weren't able to enjoy life in general. 

I helped them to first be aware of their current states and challenges, then identified the potential barriers, and provided evidence-based tools and interventions to unlock the keys to make a positive and sustainable change, leading to their optimum health and well-being. 



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Yet working with people around the world. 

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